How to Inline Skate


1.   When  first starting to learn how to inline skate you must first  get the gear that is  needed. The first think you must consider is your safety, when learning to inline skate.  You will fall a couple of times before you get the hang of it, thing such as Elbow pads , Knee pads , or even a Helmet maybe something you might want to invest some money in. Now you don’t have to wear protective gear when You first learn the ways of inline skating. It is however advised ,and we do warn you that  without it, you can risk yourself to great harm.

2.    The second thing to do before you start to inline skate. Is to  get ones that fit you perfectly. You also want to buy skates of a higher quality and  not something that is  super cheap. There are also many times of skates  like multiple purpose skates or  Speed skates. Though if your just starting to inline skate you’re going to want to use the Multi- use inline skate.

  •   When using Inline skates you should always wear socks. This is because of the fiction caused by  your skin and skates rubbing each other can cause blisters and be very painful.
  •  When   you being to first use your inline skates you must be mindful of the the things around you. Civilians can possibly be hurt by you depending on how fast you are going and it is best that you slow down when reaching on coming traffic

4.Before you  try to go  fast or get to tired and wonder why . Realize that Inline           skating takes a lot  of stamina  even if your  athletic. It will take time for you to both get well at balancing and  moving in your Inline skates all together.

5. When  first beginning to move in Inline skates you must first learn the skating positions. By standing 6 to 11 inches  apart, with your lower body in the form of a v. You must then lean forward as you slightly kick your left leg left while. Your right knee is bent  sliding across the ground.

  • You can also learn  an even simpler method of  inline skating . By simply  Going to a wall  and pushing yourself off of it.If you have a friend or loved one around,ask them to assist in stopping you if you don’t feel confident.
  • You can also start by simply trying to walk slowly. You can do this by  walking on concrete and then back to grass. This well help you get a feel of your Inline skates

6.   Once you have learned to balance and slowly move on your Inline Skates . You should then learn the method of stopping. This is achieved by the brake pad on either the left or right Inline skate.You can also move your legs in a v shape to help slow you down in case you need more breaking power.